A B GG (2012)

Director, Co-writer, Actor, Music ‒ 6 minutes, narrative comedy

Two people learn to communicate through objects and music in this wordless romantic comedy.

The Agony and Sweat of the Human Spirit (2011)

Co-director, Co-writer, Actor, Music ‒ 15 minutes, narrative comedy

A quiet ukuleleist and his talkative manager struggle to realize their artistic vision in this comic story of loss and friendship. Financed in part by the Iowa Arts Council.

People Into Art (2010)

Exhibiting Artist

An accumulation of the filmed portraits of visitors to the piece and their hand-made drawings on film leader. A synthesis of group portrait, collaborative drawing, tactile archive, and artist performance. An installation created as part of my summer residency at PS1, Iowa City.

Videos for the play “Achilles, Scourge of Man” (2010)

Projections Artist ‒ 10 minutes, videos for use in a play

Videos for a stage theater retelling of the Iliad.

The Bay Swimmers (2010)

Director ‒ 4 minutes, documentary

The physical and the aesthetic intertwine in this group portrait of San Francisco bay swimmers.

Adventure (2009)

Director, Animator ‒ 2 minutes, animation

A journey to a tropical island goes terribly awry in this stop motion animation inspired by the film King Kong.

The Idea (2009)

Director, Animator ‒ 1 minute, animation

A traveler goes to the moon and gets stuck there in this stop motion animation inspired by the Méliès film A Trip to the Moon.